"I have been having 121 yoga with Bridget for over a year. I also have reflexology treatment both of which have helped me through some hard times both physically and mentally.

Really this is a life changing experience under the guideness (sic) of caring and professional teacher with whom you can feel secure. I can honestly say its the best thing i have ever done for myself . Thank you."

Samantha Ball, March 2015


"Really well run, friendly classes with clear and tailored-to-fit instructions. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed and so glad I went. Bridget is intelligent and sensitive to people's needs and demonstrates clearly. The age range of class attendees is gratifyingly broad too."

Jackie Trinder, December 2016, via YogaHub

“Always patient and mindful, Bridget has helped me turn my life around and continues to help me walk the path I've chosen. I've found a peace I never thought I'd have and now I'm beginning to learn why I'm here. I can't thank Bridget enough for being my guide in all of this.”

Sam Russell, 2012

"The hour of reflexology treatment with Bridget Reader is the most peaceful and tranquil time in an extremely busy week. I leave feeling totally relaxed and confident of a good night's sleep."

Megan Adams, Chatham

"I wanted to share with you something I did the other day which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I hadn’t taken your course. I did a course at work on assertiveness and because I mentioned Mindfulness in my introduction the lady doing the course asked if I would mind talking a bit about it at the end of the day.

Normally I would spend the whole day panicking about what I was going to say etc. and therefore not paying attention or taking in anything I was there to learn, but I didn’t because I just took some deep breaths and bought myself back to the moment. I stood in front of a room of people and talked about Mindfulness and how it had changed my life and that without it I would never have been able to stand there and talk in front of the other people. I have you to thank for that - so thank you so very much for helping me to find a person inside myself I was too frightened to be for most of my life.

Many thanks"

Kate Dance, July 2017

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